Monday, October 17, 2016

Thank You Notes

Have you ever had to write so many thank you notes that you thought your arm was going to fall off from all the writing? That's me today. See here:

In case you can't count...there's a couple dozen. Then as I was curing my writer's cramp, I realized how fortunate I am to HAVE THE NEED to write these thank you notes. I mean...if I have 2 dozen people I need to thank in my life...what a blessing that is! Am I right?

 I struggled with what to use to make these, and then I decided to use the prints I had left over from our weekend stamping event! I'll admit...these prints were left over because I just didn't know what to do with them. In the Fruit Stand Designer Paper Pack, there are gorgeous prints. These two were the ones that just didn't make me giggle with delight. But...I turned them into some thank you notes, and VOILA!! Now I love them. I never know what to do with the monotone prints. But you couple them with a lace doily, some burlap ribbon, and a cute fruit stamp, and then---you have a cute note! And what's even better? Now I don't have some sad pear paper and peach vine paper sitting around waiting to be loved. Yes...I think of my crafting supplies like the toys in Toy Story. They are just junk until somebody loves them. :)  I am a lucky girl to have so many lovely people in my life! I hope they enjoy their notes when they receive them!

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